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Why should I go for wet fogging?


  • Fogging provides an effective way of sanitising a large area in an efficient manner.
  • We use a product that is tested to kill the Coronavirus with 5-minute contact time under lab conditions. The chemical is 99.999% effective and will help remove surface germs and airborne bacteria/viruses.
  • It provides an excellent way to get into areas otherwise difficult to access such as behind fixed furniture or heavy machinery.
  • The process lasts around an hour and will mean the kitchen is ready for use after a light wipe over the following day.
  • Eliminates pathogens sitting on surfaces it makes contact with for 5 minutes.
  • It is safe to undertake in a kitchen environment, the chemicals are water based non-hazardous, colourless and odourless, requires no rinsing.
  • Will continue to work hours/days after the process where the chemical remains in contact or suspended in the atmosphere.
  • It is an effective form of decontamination in the workplace.



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