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Convert a bulk soap system to a pouch refill while keeping your existing soap dispenser with Trust Hygiene.

Our new pouch foaming soap means you will use less and deliver better hand hygiene and lower the risk of cross infection.

Using our own conversion kit we will ensure a smooth transition from a bulk to a more comprehensive pouch alternative.

Contact our sales team to discuss your specific requirements:-

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Here are the options available:-

Trust Hand Sanitiser Pouch

  • Very effective – kills a wide range of bacteria
  • Effective hand hygiene solution compared to bulk/branded options
  • No residual odour or taint – unperfumed
  • Kind to hands
  • No need to wipe dry
  • Pleasant and easy to use
  • Leaves hands clean and 99.9999% germ free
  • Contains emollients to keep hands soft
  • Alcohol free
  • Extremely cost effective compared to gels

Trust Anti Bac Soap Pouch

  • Effective hand hygiene solution compared to bulk/branded options
  • Can be used daily because of its mildness
  • Non Flammable
  • Suitable for food areas as it has no added perfume
  • Contains emollient to leave the skin soft and supple
  • Applied via dispensers to reduce the risk of cross infection
  • Triclosan and paraben free