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Trust Hygiene in Education

Over the past month Trust Hygiene have been invited to two Association of School Business Managers events, firstly in Gloucester (GASBM) and the second in Dudley (DASBM). Both events created a great opportunity for us to talk with school business managers about their issues with sourcing a first class service and product along side cost and the real drive towards sustainability.

At the Gloucester event, it was amazing to see the unsung heroes of our schools being recognised with a number of awards and hearing the amazing roles school business managers play in keeping a school running in terms of wages to supplies or services.

With the Dudley event, sustainability was a real key focus with a talk by Paul Edmond from the Heart Academies Trust and DFE’s drive towards sustainability in every corner in our schools.

At both events, we were able to talk about how Trust Hygiene are ahead of the curve with offering a sustainable offering with service still being paramount. There was great interest in our zero waste dispensers that reduces cost but covers a green tick as the paper is made from recycled confidential waste right here in the UK, to our sanitary bin service with routing to reduce emissions and our bins made from recycled plastics.

The drive towards sustainability starts with education and our schools are flying the flag!