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Trust Rewards

Are you a customer who prefers to place their orders online? Are you looking to save money on your cleaning & hygiene spend?

We are now offering rewards to customers who place orders online via our Online Ordering Platform. This will save you money on your cleaning & hygiene expenditure.

We will reward you with 1 point for every £100.00 (excluding VAT) you spend with us online.

Your reward points will be accumulated and applied as a credit against your account upon your request. Reward points can be redeemed at any time. Please email sales@trusthygiene.co.uk to request your reward.

1 point = £1.00 and you can build up your rewards all the time you use our Online Ordering Platform. Orders placed outside this platform will not count towards your rewards total.

Simply register your interest through the contact form via our website or call our team to setup your online ordering account.

To use your reward points just contact us via the website or call your team and they will process the credit against your account. It’s as simple as that

For more information please contact us here or visit our Online Ordering Platform below: