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Trust Hygiene’s Sanitary Bin Services

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Health and Hygiene

We keep your washroom and public toilets healthy and hygienic, with our team supplying, collecting and disposing of sanitary waste.

Environmental Responsibility

We keep you compliant with The Environmental Protection Act 1990, where your business must have an authorised company – Trust Hygiene – to collect, transfer and dispose of sanitary waste.

Economic Value

A sanitary bin service needs to be affordable, and at Trust Hygiene we offer competitive prices on our services tailored to your requirements.

Enhanced User Experience

Our DBS-checked and professional team, including a number of female operatives, handle everything from collection, relining and disposal of sanitary waste with an enhanced tracking system for you to monitor collection dates.


How Our On-Site Sanitary Bin Service Works

Regular Servicing Options

Tailored Waste Collection Services

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UK legislation states businesses and public spaces must provide sanitary waste disposal solutions to protect the public and environment.

UK Sanitary Waste Disposal Regulations

We guarantee your compliance with UK legislation including The Environmental Protection Act 1990, the Duty of Care Regulations 1991, The Water Industries Act 1991 and The Workplace Regulations 1992.

Is Sanitary Waste Classed as Hazardous?

Sanitary waste is not classed as hazardous but as offensive waste. This does not mean it still can’t cause harm to humans and the environment due to sanitary waste often containing bodily fluids and blood.

Can Incontinence Pads Be Disposed of in Sanitary Bins?

Incontinence pads must be disposed of in sanitary bins in public toilets and on business premises.

Flexible Collection Time

We offer all our customers flexibility in their collection dates and cater to business’s specific requirements. This flexibility is honoured in all our services, including clinical waste and washroom services.

Quality Assurance

Our sanitary bins service ensures quality assurance, with our processes and products meeting all regulatory standards and the Trust Hygiene team focusing on complete customer satisfaction.

Versatile Solutions

We are your one-stop company for sanitary bin collection and disposal, with the right solutions to keep your space clean and compliant.

Budget-Friendly Options

Our affordable services and products mean there is an option for all types of businesses who need their sanitary waste dealt with.


Get in Touch for Your Free Sanitary Bin Service Quote

The Trust Hygiene experts are here with industry-leading and comprehensive sanitary bin services for your convenience, not only to provide high-quality products and collection, but to also keep your business compliant with strict UK legislation.

To receive a free, no-obligation quote on your tailored schedule, we’re just a phone call away on 0370 3500 988. Alternatively, send us your details to sales@trusthygiene.co.uk and we’ll be in touch.

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