Automatic Dosing for Laundry and Dishwasher Machines

Trust Hygiene specialise in the supply and installation of bespoke automatic dosing systems for laundry and dishwashing to compliment its extensive range of highly effective, quality products. All systems are installed and maintained free on loan.

Laundry Liquid Plus
High specification product proven to get excellent results. Works in both hard and soft water areas. Achieves clean, fresh and bright results. Works for a multitude of business environments

Fabric Conditioner
Produces soft, perfumed wares and helps remove static build up to leave items ready to iron

Infusion Superior Fabric Conditioner
Brand new Infusion Superior Fabric Conditioner with motion activated fragrance technology. Experience enhanced fragrance to keep laundry fresher for longer.

Expert Stain Removal Products
A wide range of products for high and low temperature stain removal

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